We believe in quality. We pride ourselves on our construction and value for money so much that we are proud to announce that every new Freshman sold from 1st April 2012 is protected with an extended lifetime warranty* when registered below.

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*The lifetime warranty applies to all matters relating to manufacture and construction, and are at the discretion of Freshman Guitars at all times. Every guitar is unique and is subjected to natural movement throughout the seasons. Your guitar must be checked by a qualified technician on a regular basis to maintain playability and address issues such as fret dressing and crowning, treatment of the fingerboard and bridge, general set up and machine head functionality. Proof of maintenance will be requested. Ensure the guitar is stored in a stable and correctly regulated environment, and should be allowed time to acclimatise if taken from one extreme temperature to another.

For more information on how to correctly care for your Freshman click here.

Any adjustments or customisations made to the guitar that are conducted by an unqualified technician may void the warranty.

General wear and tear issues are not covered. If in any doubt relating to the above, please consult with the Freshman store of purchase.